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Anna Mae, Fitness Instructor

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Anna Mae

Despite leading a what I considered a 'healthy and active lifestyle', I found myself needing to make a change in March 2017. Like many people, I wasn't dealing with my stress or eating right and frankly, I wasn't focusing on what my body needed to work at it's best. I adjusted my diet, returned to running 3-5 miles daily and lost about 15 lbs but I knew I needed something different.

A close friend told me about this amazing community she was part of - a gym - and invited me to check out a friends and family kickboxing class with her. Kickboxing? Sure, okay. From the very first class, I was hooked. The workout was fun and challenging and the members and instructors were wonderful. I went back for a lower body strength day and another KB day and signed up for the 10 week session that started in January 2018. Those 10 weeks were life-changing for me and provided the fitness foundation I was needing.

Each of us is on a journey. Yes, physical (we're in a gym) but also mental and spiritual. Through instruction, I hope to give back the community that has built me up day by day, sometimes minute by minute. I'm here to help people reach their goals. If that means helping work on form, pushing to work harder, supporting through struggles or celebrating victories - or just chatting about new gym clothes - the minute I step on the mat, my whole heart is in it for our community.

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