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Kori Stephens, Fitness Instructor

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Kori Stephens

I started my journey at Farrell's in February of 2022, and immediately fell in love with kick-boxing and strength training. I've always been an active person, dancing in a small ballet theater when I was a kid and dabbling in yoga here and there over the years.  When I was 13, my mom became a personal trainer and pilates instructor and started running a crazy amount of marathons. She was my inspiration, and still is to this day. Our home was always filled with positive energy and good food. 

Even with all of those good influences around me, I have joined and quit gyms more than I can count, floundered in the kitchen to cook nourishing meals for myself and my family and have tried just about every kind of exercise and diet philosophy out there from keto to ayurveda. After becoming a mother in 2014, I've been on a journey to reconnect with my body and find that feeling of 'home in my own skin' that so many of us are looking for AND do it all while balancing life.  

Momentum creates belief and that is exactly what Farrell's gave me. I had no idea that I could love fitness more than I do now. I just keep showing up, walking through those doors even on days that feel tough and it is always worth it. Farrell's has brought me greater alignment in my mind, body and spirit. As an instructor, I am here to help you find your momentum, to remind you that you are capable of doing really hard things and that you have an entire community that believes in you. I can't wait to meet you on the mats!

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