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  • I Truly Look Forward To The Future

    I Truly Look Forward To The Future

    By Brad M., Farrell’s 2020 $10,000 National Challenge Finalist I first heard about Farrells a few years ago. I attended a couple of classes with a friend and was interested but never pulled the trigger. I was a member of a different gym and worked out regularly 3-4 times a week – lifting weights, some cardio, just the usual workouts I had done since playing sports in high school. I would fluctuate up and down 10 lb. week to week. I competed in challenges a couple of times and was always very disciplined and motivated during those challenges, dropping 40 lb and seeing great results. But then when the challenges would end, the weight always slowly came back, and I would just ....

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  • Winterproof Your Workout

    Winterproof Your Workout

    Though not officially, it’s fair to say that winter has arrived. And while freshly fallen snow is picture-book pretty around the holidays, what it does to our workouts and fitness goals certainly isn’t. But some simple practices around planning, adopting the right attitude and eating right can keep your workout willpower strong even while tempting holiday meals and cold, dark days are there to derail you. What winter does to the body Not all workouts are the same year-round. It’s easy to throw on some running shoes and hit the road on a warm spring day, but winter requires more planning and more energy to maintain body temperature, therefore more food to provide ....

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  • The 22 List – Ideas to Reboot your Goals and Workouts BEFORE the New Year

    The 22 List – Ideas to Reboot your Goals and Workouts BEFORE the New Year

    We’re impatient to get started on the New Year. So let’s not wait until January to take stock and retune resolutions for fitness, workouts and living healthy. Check out the 22 List – the must do’s, tips, tricks and suggestions to focus on from our Farrell’s trainers to help 2022 kick ass. Get up and get going.If your typical schedule is three times a week at the gym, try four or five for a month. You’ll notice the difference in fitness and endurance within a few weeks. Start a training journal.Sure, there’s an app for everything. But starting a journal and logging your successes, thoughts and goals for fitness can make you incredibly ....

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  • Give Yourself The Gift Of Downtime

    Give Yourself The Gift Of Downtime

    If you listen to the nutrition experts out there, there are grave warnings everywhere at this time of year. Winter weight gain! Beware the holiday spread! Watch what you eat (and drink)! It makes the holidays sound more like an end of year catastrophe waiting to happen. If you’re watching what you eat or working toward strict fitness goals, the holidays can be a challenge, of course. The average American holiday dinner plate packs a gut-busting 3,000 calories. But studies show that indulging in a little of what you love and taking some time to wind down can be beneficial for your mind and body. Here are some quick ideas to do just that this holiday season. You’re not on ....

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  • Going to Xtremes – Adopt the Attitude of an Athlete

    Going to Xtremes – Adopt the Attitude of an Athlete

    We can’t all be Rico Verhoeven or Anissa Meksen – the top men’s and women’s kickboxers in the world today. To even attempt that level would mean two to three training sessions a day, two to three hours each and four to six times a week. To start with. Most of us don’t have the time to commit to such a regimen, with work and family and jobs and everything else. But there’s no reason why any of us can’t learn from the greats, adopt the attitude of a champion athlete and kick our training into high gear for 2022. What’s on that checklist of tips and tricks to train better? Read on. Commit to the dream All champion athletes are ....

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  • How to Make Every Suitcase a Gym For Holiday Travel

    How to Make Every Suitcase a Gym For Holiday Travel

    Holiday travel will be upon us soon enough. While it’s fun to plan family getaways and enjoy a well-earned break from the day-to-day routine, beware the daily dangers that come along for the ride. When we take a vacation—or really any kind of trip—we often relax self-control and forget the healthy habits of working out and eating right that are part of everyday life at home. So before you hit the road or head for the airport this holiday season, pause and plan ahead to follow a few simple tips. They’ll help you pack right for any pitfalls and avoid the health hazards that any holiday plate may bring your way. Jump Rope for Efficient Calorie Burn A staple of any ....

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  • Avoiding Fall Workout Fails

    Avoiding Fall Workout Fails

    The period of time following the New Year is a notorious hot spot where resolutions of health and fitness can quickly fly off the rails. But the truth is, losing motivation and letting the hustle and bustle of life get between you and your fitness routine can happen any time. With the drop in temperature and pile-on of plans and commitments brought on by the holidays, fall is a particular danger zone. But being aware of the causes and misconceptions of fall workout fails—and taking a few simple precautions to sidestep the pitfalls—can keep you on track with your workout goals throughout the winter when you need it most. “I’m just not in a groove” During ....

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  • Mythbusting Magazine Fitness

    Mythbusting Magazine Fitness

    From workouts to nutrition to injury recovery, magazines are constantly churning out new, supposedly “cutting edge” fitness advice, which can often feel confusingly contradictory. To get to the heart of things we went straight to the expert, North Loop Farrell’s owner Casey Bloemke, and got some straight answers on which sources he trusts and what to ignore when it comes to magazine fitness tips. This interview has been edited for length and clarity. "Where do you get your health/fitness insights and news? Who do you trust and why?" I have a formal education in kinesiology from an accredited university, work with all kinds of fitness professionals and do continuing ....

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  • Farrell’s Helped Me Beat Breast Cancer

    Farrell’s Helped Me Beat Breast Cancer

    I have been a member of Farrell’s since January 2013. Like many others in the program, it changed my life. I had never been an athlete and despised working out, but I lost close to 40 pounds and learned a new mindset. I found that I was strong, beautiful, and yes . . . I could do anything I put my mind to. In 2014, my husband, Mike, jumped on the bandwagon as well, and later that year we both became instructors. We were full-on Farrell’s converts and whole-heartedly believed in the program. In March of 2016, our world was turned upside down. While showering one day, I found a small, hard lump in my right breast. My initial reaction was that it couldn’t be ....

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  • Stop Focusing Just On Weight Loss

    Stop Focusing Just On Weight Loss

    Society has conditioned us to be hyper focused on the number on the scale, and pushing “low calorie”, “skinny” and “weight loss” supplements. With all of this messaging, it can force the consumer to believe that weight loss should be the one and only goal, when we would argue that strength training and muscle building is just as, if not more important than just shedding some lbs. When embarking on your fitness journey of kickboxing, strength training, and proper nutrition, it is important not to hyperfocus on just fat loss. Sure, it would be nice to see your waistline shrink and your arms and legs appear more toned-however actually building up the ....

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